A Divine Gift

by Serah
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Many years ago a medical professor told me that after the birth of my daughter I would not be able to have more children. Having her was a miracle in itself, but after her birth it would be a great risk and in fact impossible to carry a baby at all. It has always been a desire of mine to have a son and I had always hoped to have both a boy and a girl one day, so I decided that that decision would be up to God.

After trying to fall pregnant and failing for more than three years, I started praying for my son. I prayed and asked God for a son with blonde hair, blue eyes and a son who would tell me that he loves me everyday of my life. A few months later I learned that I was going to have a baby.

You probably know already that God gave me exactly what/who I asked for! Yep, my son has blonde hair, blue eyes and from the day he could speak he told me that he loves me. I never had any pain during labour and none of the doctors or nurses understood why this happened. To me he was just a blessing that God added to my life, without sorrow. He is fourteen years old today and not a day has gone by that he didn't tell me that he loves me. He even tells me so in public and get this...he has such a passion for God and whenever he and I have discussions about Jesus his eyes would tear up. My son loves God so much, in spite of many things he had to overcome himself. He has been such a motivation and gives me hope many times. He is so different from many other boys his age, very compassionate and caring, but still very much a boy!

God is so faithful! God IS LOVE!

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