God's Kingdom of Heaven

Bible Study Lesson Series #8

Jesus Christ is poised to return to Jerusalem in all of his glory.

Are you awake yet, dear Christian friend? Are you watching the skies?

The future that Christ has in store for us is incredibly exciting. Do you know what he has planned for you?

The Bible clearly tells us about the rich, heavenly inheritance that awaits any and all people who trust in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life. Hopefully, you're excited about such wonderful news.

If the thought of the future makes you shudder, there's obviously adjustments needed in your life. Christ himself is excited about his return and all of us should be, as well. Our thoughts and feelings on the matter won't stop his return, anyway.

All people who love Jesus Christ should desire that God's Kingdom of Heaven comes soon.

There's so much doom and gloom in the world today, anyway - even so-called entertainment is permeated with sinful and depressing things. The bad weather, the stalled economy, politics (especially!), the world in general, you name it, it'll drag you way down low.

Jesus Christ wants to open your heart and mind to some seriously awesome upcoming events.

He'll fill your glass with refreshing Living Water, slice a piece of his satisifying Bread of Life for you, and also offer his perfectly relaxing Sabbath Rest - but only if you let him!

These lessons are jam-packed with revealing Bible verses knit together to form a brilliant picture of current and approaching events that are leading to Christ's promised return to earth.

Ready or not, here He comes! You may as well make Jesus proud of you by studying his Word.

Series 8: The Kingdom of Heaven

Ephesians talks a bit about the heavenly riches with which the Lord blesses us (Ephesians 1:3). Well, that's exactly what you'll come to know and experience in this series - your future heavenly riches.

The Kingdom of Heaven Series is still in production, but most lessons are nearly complete. Pictures and Lesson Downloads will be added soon. Give one a try - drop a line and let me know what you think: Contact Us.