About Grasping God

Introductory Bible Verses:

As each has received a gift, employ it in serving one another, as good managers of the grace of God in its various forms. If anyone speaks, let it be as it were the very words of God. If anyone serves, let it be as of the strength which God supplies, that in all things God may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom belong the glory and the dominion forever and ever. Amen. 1 Peter 4:10-11 NHEB.

Hey there. Thanks for coming by and hearing how GraspingGod.com became a reality. After you're finished meditating on the above Bible passage take a moment to read how the Lord works in beginning new ministries.

Starting a Mission - GraspingGod.com

Does the initial spark that created a new business or ministry interest you? Does it motivate you to start something new?

I hope this short article inspires you to pursue job-related freedom and personal and kingdom accomplishment. You may even learn how to start a ministry! May I share with you a minute?

In the summer of 2011 I was freed from a sales job I didn't enjoy. Thank you, Jesus!

The experience was liberating, but, after the dust settled I needed some income and purpose. PRESSURE!

You've heard the saying, "Necessity is the mother of invention," well,.. I wanted to serve in ministry. I have this one life to live for God's glory, and I don't want to waste one more moment.

I want to help people learn about God. But, how?! I couldn't find a suitable position and I was becoming frustrated as the weeks and months ticked off the calendar.

At the same time I had a heart's burning desire to teach the Bible... somehow.

I've always had a missionary's heart, too, but was unable to go and serve overseas.

It came about that necessity definitely inspired invention.


Years prior I had a website built for a Christian organization that employed me. I found the entire website building process intriguing, but mysterious. I really didn't understand the processes but the website turned out okay for what we wanted at the time. It was so expensive, though, costing the organization thousands of dollars. Ouch.

So, here I found myself in the summer of 2011 left to wonder how I was going to serve the Lord.

I kept considering a website.

To be honest I didn't have enough cash to pay as much as we paid for building the website I mentioned above.

I almost chased away the thought of beginning the Grasping God Ministry because of my own ignorance of website building and the prohibitive costs involved... ALMOST ...

I began investigating online - checking some site hosting companies out. The costs for the different companies varied wildly. From Go Daddy for a few bucks a month to spending thousands of dollars with local webmasters. I nearly stopped the pursuit of this crazy dream of starting a ministry... ALMOST ...

After more digging I found all of the options too expensive, especially those who hide the extra costs.

One day I happened to come across a website building company which is rated the best at building an online business (NOT just a website). I familiarized myself with the company and found it credible.

It's highly preferred by many successful online entrepreneurs in business AND ministry.

I could feel the excitement building in my heart as I continued to gather information. You know that feeling, that tempered joy when plans start materializing in your mind...

This company actually trains people to build their own site. Wait, don't let that chase you off, know that they train you for everything. They teach you how to research your site niche, how to write content for the site, market the site, and actually draw a nice income from the site! Are you kidding?!

They teach their clients to build an entire e-business! Of course, in my situation it became a lesson in starting an e-ministry!

I thanked God for leading me to what seemed the perfect partner for me - a partner who could help me with the business and marketing end of the ministry.

Boy, was I right.

Starting An Online Ministry

I started the training and was amazed at how this company took the mystery out of website building technology. I know this seems strange, but I actually LOVED learning about website building, which is saying a lot because I am NOT a techie - they just train people in a wonderfully entertaining way.

So, I learned how to build the site with the great tools they supply. Then I started writing, and writing some more, and I've kept writing 'til today!

Now, because of this great technology I'm able to hear from people around the globe talking about how my website helps them.

Listen to my new friend, Pastor Peter, from Kenya, "Here, it is called Grasping God bible study lessons. It is powerful and wonderful and very unique of its own. We love it and the church loves it as well."

How would you like to touch lives around the world?! There is NO better feeling, believe me.

One full year after paying the incredibly small investment to sign up, I know for sure that the Lord has blessed me with a new lifetime ministry partner. This company is far above any similar company, but, really, there are no similar companies. No web building company has the record of success that they have, which you'll witness in this very short video...

  • You may think you need programming skills to start a website. But with this company you don't, and I didn't.
  • You may think you need expert tech skills to build a site. But you really don't, and I didn't.
  • You may think you need to be an expert online marketer to start a ministry or business online. But you don't, and I didn't.
  • You may think you need to be a great writer to build a website. But you don't - I'm living proof!
  • You're not a graphic artist? No problem! You don't need to be. Again, I'm proof that you don't.

My ministry partner has created a system that does all the hard tech work behind the scenes. Plus, they have great training that's entertaining, fast-paced, and effective.

With my technology partner I'm in full control of all content, all graphics, all marketing, all things at any time of day or night. I am in charge because of this wonderful online business/ministry model.

The neatest thing - the absolutely neatest thing about GraspingGod.com, is this: Once I create a Bible study lesson, or a prayer, or a quotes page - it's PERMANENT.

My writing goes live immediately... and that's it! I can now MOVE ON with a new lesson or prayer, multiplying my site's scope.

The web page is always new to the next visitor. It doesn't become dated and forgotten like a spoken sermon, Bible lesson, or even written Blog postings. NEAT!

Did you catch that? My lessons, prayers, and quotes can ALWAYS be used by the Lord anywhere around the world 24/7/365, year after year after year!

Not only that, but maybe, just maybe... someday soon... I'll find myself in a situation like Jill...

I love my online ministry so much that I rush into my office every morning. No kidding! I LOVE what I'm doing here at GraspingGod.com.

I actually enjoy every part of administrating the site.

And, finally, I can't wrap up here without saying how good I feel inside. I mean, I KNOW I'm with the best tech company in existence - there's no doubt. I did my homework, searching for the best website building system. The people at SBI! are terrific. I just love them.

Ken and his team make it fun and best of all they keep me focused on the important things along the way. Sure and steady, they're helping me build a great online ministry.

I've met great people on the SBI! forums who love to help out when I need advice or instructions. Also, the Christian friends and partners I'm meeting around the world via the internet are fascinating.

Online ministry is terrific for expanding, and even globalizing, your own Christian influence and community.

God can do GREAT things around the world through a Christian website.

Consider it (click)... Try SBI!

Grasp This!

Contact Me if you would like to know more details about anything you've read. I'll get right back to you.

Prayer for starting a ministry:
Dear Lord God,
I praise your Holy Name. Thank You for the wonderful blessings You have given me. Thank You for leading me to this webpage today, Father. Speak to my heart, and show me how to start a ministry that can bring people closer to Jesus Christ. Can I start a mission? I don't know, but I know YOU can, Lord, and You can do amazing things through me, if You so desire. I pray that if it be thy will, Lord, you will lead me to going global with a ministry that glorifies You alone. I'm able and willing, but I only want to build something out of the materials You provide. Unless You build the ministry, good Lord, I'll be laboring in vain. Please take this prayer, take this heart's desire, take this dream, and show me an answer. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Special Note: I'm grateful to Big Book Media & Free Bible Images, Stock Exchange, Morgue Files, and Stock Photos For Free for the use of their photos.