Sinners Prayer

Thank you for visiting this sinners prayer page. Let's biblically work through the things of which a repentance prayer should consist, and how to humbly approach God.

Please read Psalm 34:1-22 to prepare your heart for this prayer of repentance.

Christian Prayers

People are called to pray about ALL things, telling God what we need (Philippians 4:6). Our hearts should be communicating with God without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

The spirit of wisdom and knowledge is graciously given to us partly because of the intercessory prayers of those who love us (Ephesians 1:16-17).

As Christians who love God and all people, we should be praying for the salvation of sinners (1 Timothy 2:1-3; Romans 10:2). We should be praying that those people trapped by the claws of sin come to full knowledge of the offense it causes to God. We should pray that our own eyes are open to personal sin, which we need to cease.

This new prayer for repentance was recently submitted by Pastor Peter Otieno of Kenya, East Africa (click): Prayer Of Repentance.

Repentance Prayer

Those moments we believe God is convicting us of sin, we should respond in agreement, committing to change (Psalm 32:5). View this sinners prayer as a prayer of repentance. You are agreeing with God that you are a sinner by nature, and that you willingly committed those particular sins of which you are guilty (Psalm 32:6).

Those solemn moments when we're led by God to confess our sins are especially helpful to our relationship with him. As the Spirit uncomfortably churns in our rebellious hearts, grieved by our sin, we should fall to our knees, loathe our utter depravity, hate the particular sin(s), and come to the point of biblical repentance. A turning from self to God is in order. A turning from sin to holiness is the answer. A turning from darkness to light is the goal (Psalm 32:10-11).

Friend, it's due time you emerge from the dark cloud of shame, into the life-giving light that emanates from God's presence (Psalm 34:5).

The following sinner's prayer should only be said in response to God's preparation of your heart (Acts 9:11). The prayer is not magical, it won't earn you the reward of salvation, and it definitely has no promises attached. It is simply the start to communicating back to God about the work he has begun inside your soul (Philippians 1:6).

This sinner's prayer, and additional personal prayers to which it leads, is between you and God. He answers sincere prayers, coming from those who truly trust him by faith (Psalm 34:17-18).

If this repentance prayer resonates within your heart, please Contact Me so I can pray specifically for you.

Sinners Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven,
Please hear this sinner's prayer.
I believe you are God, of whom the Bible speaks.
I believe in the Christian Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
I believe you are holy and righteous; the Sovereign over all.
I believe you originally created all things good.
I believe we humans rebelled against you by falling into original sin.
I believe I rebelled against you by personally breaking your commands.
By knowledge of your Holy Scriptures and my conscience, I believe I stand condemned.
I believe you are full of love, faithfulness, mercy, and grace.
I believe in the virgin birth, Jesus' sinless life, and his sacrificial death,
bodily resurrection, ascension, kingship, and his second coming.
I believe that in humbly approaching you with godly sorrow for my sin,
supported by full faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ, I can be saved.
I believe myself to be totally unworthy of any good gift,
especially the unfathomable gifts of the Holy Spirit and eternal life.
I believe in full forgiveness from Christ; and new life in Christ.
I believe my responsibility is committing my entire life to you.
I believe my duty is to study and learn the Bible.
I believe holiness should be sought,
while never forgetting that Jesus is my righteousness.
I believe my life is now meant to serve Jesus Christ and other people.
I now value God, all other people, and my own soul as good and precious.
Dear Lord God, if it be thy will, please accept my sinner's prayer.
Open my eyes, ears, and heart to your call on my life.
I desire you, my Creator, Savior, and King.
Finally, once again and most importantly, I am deeply sorry for my sins.
Please accept my prayer of repentance unto life.
In the name of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.
(Psalm 34:22)

Jesus says, "So, if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him" (Luke 11:13). "Go in peace, and sin no more."


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