History Of Jesus Christ

Bible Study Lessons: Series 1

Most historians shy away from the supernatural elements involved in the history of Jesus Christ. He is a polarizing figure - a lightning rod, because of who he was, what he said and the things he did. The Son of God is truly remarkable and worthy of your consideration for committing to living a better life!

The span of Jesus' history is presented here in a series of 24 FREE Bible study lessons.

These lessons contain the necessary knowledge needed in becoming a real disciple of Jesus Christ.

Each lesson contains: discussion concerning a topic in the history of Jesus Christ; two sets of Bible study questions; a section called "Grasp this!" for practical application of the material; inspirational Bible verses; Christian quotes and faith quotes; and, prayers of thanksgiving to respectfully close the lesson.

The free printable Bible study lessons (pdf versions) are linked from the bottom of each lesson.

Free Online Bible Study Lessons: Series 1

History of Jesus Christ: Lessons 1.01 - 1.07

People actually attempt to refute the existence of Jesus Christ. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Did Jesus really exist? Lesson 1.01, discover the evidence, and YOU decide!

The main reason some people question Jesus is that he claimed to be God's Son. Is Jesus God? Some say so, and others emphatically say "No!" The relevance of the history of Jesus Christ hinges on answers to this question. Is Jesus God? Lesson 1.02

The Christian Trinity includes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You've probably heard about the Trinity. If not, that's okay, because people really have a hard time grasping this idea. Let's study more about the amazing topic. Click: Lesson 1.03 and Lesson 1.04 to learn more!

Long before Christ appeared on earth he was living and operating from his heavenly home. Hey, the earth wasn't even created yet! Hard to believe, isn't it?! Jesus' pre-existence in heaven is a fascinating study, which becomes even more incredible when you learn what he did while there. Jesus in heaven, Lesson 1.05

God created all of the angels in heaven and it led to one major development. Don't miss this exciting lesson. Angels In Heaven, Lesson 1.06

God's next major construction project was the creation of the earth. Really! The history of Jesus Christ includes the creation of the world! I know you've heard that the earth came from a big bang, but the good news is waiting here: Creation Of The Earth, Lesson 1.07

History of Jesus Christ: Lessons 1.08 - 1.12

Back to Jesus' construction project. After God created the earth and all things on the earth, including the animals, birds, and sea creatures, he created the first man. It was by far his greatest creation! He made Adam in his image, and the two experienced a wonderful relationship. God and Adam, Lesson 1.08

The Bible tells us that Adam and God walked and talked often in the Garden of Eden. Soon, though, Adam was lonely, having only the animals, but then God created woman. Eve was created out of Adam's rib and immediately became his soul mate. Read more here: God Created Woman, Lesson 1.09

While Jesus was creating the earth, a certain beautiful angel rebelled against him. The angel tried to rule the heavens. A war in the heavens ensued. Satan cast out of heaven was unthinkable at one point, however, the angel found out that sin is costly. Satan Cast Out, Lesson 1.10

Guess who else sinned? Yes, I'm afraid you're right, both Adam and Eve sinned against God. My, oh my, how great was their fall! So great, in fact, it still affects us today. Pride Goeth Before A Fall, Lesson 1.11

Once God's creatures started sinning, nothing stopped it, and in fact it became much worse. As humanity multiplied upon the earth sin multiplied. After hundreds of years, the sin was so terrible that God decided to destroy the earth with a flood. Jesus did find a righteous man named Noah. Jesus wanted to save some people to carry out God's plan. so he chose Noah and his family to build an ark and remain safe from the terrible flood. Noah's Ark, Lesson 1.12

History of Jesus Christ: Lessons 1.13 - 1.17

Years later, Jesus' history reveals that he wanted to begin a blessed nation upon the earth. Jesus would eventually arrive in the flesh through this nation. Jesus raised up a man named Abraham. Bible records reveal that Abraham became the father of three nations of people! You have to read this Bible story. Abraham Bible Lesson 1.13

The life of Moses is intriguing in numerous ways. Somehow, we squeezed highlights of his life into one Bible study lesson! Don't ask me how we did it, but by keeping our focus on Jesus' work instead of glorifying Moses, it works! Life of Moses, Lesson 1.14

King David of Israel is another key figure in the history of Jesus Christ. Jesus would eventually be born into David's lineage. King David is a fascinating person, so humble, so gifted, and so very important for our coming Savior, Jesus Christ. King David Of Israel, Lesson 1.15

There are many more exciting stories about the appearances of Christ in the Old Testament which you can study. All appearances are accounted for in this lesson. Christ in the Old Testament, Lesson 1.16

Prophecies about Jesus Christ were common in the Old Testament, as well. Sin is a big deal, and because man sinned, God said they needed a Savior. Jesus' birth fulfilled prophecy from the Old Testament, proving God is sovereign over all! Fulfilled Prophecy, Lesson 1.17

History of Jesus Christ: Lessons 1.18 - 1.24

The history of Jesus Christ is much too rich and vast to put on one webpage. We'll list the remaining lessons for these free online Bible study lessons in Series 1:

Finally, the Bible promises us that Jesus is coming soon. He will be returning to earth where he will reign from Jerusalem. There was so much fulfilled prophecy after Christ came to earth, and there will be much more after he returns. Prepare for the 2nd coming of Jesus! Lesson 1.24

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