The Great Commission

Introductory Bible Verses:

Jesus came to them and spoke to them, saying, "All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Therefore go, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I commanded you. Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." Matthew 28:18-20 NHEB.

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Preliminary Bible Study Questions:

1) What is Jesus' Great Commission?
2) Why did Jesus issue the command?
3) Who is instructed to carry out this evangelistic command?

Hey there! Thanks for joining the Bible study. I think you'll like today's subject, but, committing to the crusade isn't easy. You have to count the cost and take a gut check to see if you're able to stand up for Jesus.

Do you have what it takes? Are you encouraging the Spirit of God to take control of your heart?

You properly love the people and things of this world, but is there a higher calling on your life? Is there a task personally given you by the Lord?

Let's get real and discover if you're called to share the love of God with the world.

What Is The Great Commission?

God gave Jesus complete authority over all things in the heavens and on the earth. Jesus has complete authority over you, me, and everyone else. He has the ruling authority over the immediate and eternal state of our souls, and the salvation of our entire beings. That, my friend, is a LOT of authority.

We really need to listen up to what Jesus has to say!

Based on Jesus' authority over the security of our souls, and the souls of all those in which the Father has granted him, Jesus tells us to "Go, and make disciples of all nations." Each Christian, each disciple of Jesus, every follower of Christ, every person who calls Jesus Christ Savior and Lord has been given a command.

You, me, and all Christians are delegated by Jesus to teach willing people the gospel.

That tremendous responsibility is called The Great Commission.

I wasn't doing a very good job of that for awhile. How have you been doing with your part in the Great Commission? We have a tendency to conveniently "forget" things that are difficult, because of our natural inherent laziness. We push our responsibilities aside from time to time.

Well, let's repent of our laziness and willful neglect of Jesus' command and re-focus on our mission.

The Great Commission Restated

Jesus knew his followers would try and escape their responsibilities for fulfilling their part in the Great Commission. The difficulty of the assignment seems too daunting for many people to carry out, so he restated it.

- "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth." Acts 1:8 NHEB.

Jesus wants his disciples spreading the gospel of eternal life to the entire world.

None of us are exempt - not you, not me, not anyone who claims to be his follower.

I know Jesus gave me the awesome power of the Holy Spirit when he saved me, and I have no excuse of trying to shirk my duties to the awesome task of evangelizing the world's people.

Does anyone have an excuse to not do their part?

Since becoming a real Christian in 1994 and reading these commands I've taken them very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that I started a ministry in order to share the message of the Bible.

I got away from evangelizing for awhile, but I turned from that sinful path. I've been forgiven.

We can all do our part in the Great Commission, after all, each of us have been given spiritual gifts in order to do our assignments. Let's consider some different ways of serving Christ in this awesome evangelistic endeavor.

Great Commission Tasks

First of all, Christians everywhere need trained through sound Bible teaching. So, we need solid teaching in our churches. Both men and women can teach others, with a couple restrictions, so that includes everyone as potential teachers of the word. Have you thought about teaching others the truths of Scripture?

Pastors are needed to preach in churches. Therefore, pastors, i.e. elders or ministers, are sorely needed.

There are many support roles that need filled in the Great Commission: office administrators, financial positions, ushers, deacons and deaconesses, financial givers, prayer warriors, musicians, wow, the possibilities are endless. Those are all important positions in fulfilling the Jesus' command.

Each Christian should have a personal ministry, too. That means you and me are to personally minister to those people who are not in church, but who know us. This is a tough task, but doable. We are to treat others like we want to be treated. We are to be nice to our neighbors and family, helping them when needed, with whatever they need. After being a good neighbor, family member, co-worker, and friend God will possibly use us to share the gospel.

God is holding us accountable to witness. Let's get serious about this tall task.

Finally, and I've saved this for last, evangelists are needed to proclaim the good news to the lost world. Each of us are called to tell our family and other acquaintances about the gospel, as mentioned just above. I hope we're fulfilling our duties in regards to that critical calling.

Evangelists, though, are the front-line warriors on the battlefields of culture. Let's discuss this in more detail.

Great Commission Evangelists

Evangelism is a spiritual gift. Being an evangelist basically means you love telling others about Jesus Christ.

An evangelist enjoys being in the culture meeting new people and striking up conversations with people they don't know. Evangelists are always looking for opportunities to help people know Jesus better.

I have the spiritual gift of evangelism. It's not something I sought, it just happened - God gives the Spiritual gifts to us. I was telling people about Jesus before I knew what an evangelist was!

It's not easy, because evangelists accumulate lots of bumps and bruises to the ego. But, when one possesses the gift of evangelism, somehow, someway, God picks him or her up again and empowers them to go on and deliver the good news. Jesus re-ignites the person's spirit.

That's what he did with me. And, after a long dry spell, I'm back at evangelism in a most powerful way. Let me quickly share.

Great Commission Opportunity

Right before you and me is an incredible opportunity to tell the world about Jesus Christ.

Evangelists, teachers, preachers, and all Christians who are evangelistic, and take the Great Commission seriously, ALL OF US have an opportunity.

This opportunity is so powerful that our teaching, or prayers, or devotions, or counseling, etc., can cover the entire globe 24/7/365...

By God's grace, I recently discovered an amazing vehicle for successfully sharing his love around the world.

At the time of this writing, I've spent all of my spare time this past year building a website designed to reach the globe with the gospel message.

It's not simply a website, though.

It's much more than a normal website. It's not a blog, either - it's bigger than that. Take a moment and watch this video...

I'm on board with Ken's technology. I want you to be on board, too.

I want this dream of mine, this calling to the Great Commission, to reach out further, higher, wider, and deeper than anyone could have imagined a few short years ago.

This opportunity is perfect if you love helping people grow closer to Jesus.

What Christian doesn't love THAT?!

The opportunity isn't some get-rich-quick scheme; it's not some cheesy free church website system that no one visits; and, it's not some out-of-date technology that didn't work very well back when it was "the thing."

This is a technology we can use to spread the Bible message of salvation from your home office or church office, no matter where it is on this earth!

  • Maybe you're a pastor who had a difficult time in churches. SBI! is PERFECT for you.
  • Maybe you're a work-at-home mom who has an entrepreneurial bent and wants to share spiritual things. SBI! is perfect for you.
  • Maybe you're retired, or preparing to retire, and looking for the best way to communicate the gospel to the world. SBI! is the right choice.
  • Maybe you're an out-of-work Christian who's down on your self. Are you scream-praying to God, "Help ME find a job!!" I've been there, Brother, I know the pain. Hey, you can start a new Christian business, or a specialty business that's built on your passion.
  • Maybe you're one of the 50% of college grads who can't find a decent job, especially one in the field for which you trained. SBI! is the perfect place to start a two-pronged career.

The possibilities of what God and YOU can do through this amazing vehicle are endless. Literally, billions of people are a single mouse click away from your personal ministry or Christian business.

I have hundreds of visitors every single day and night from around the world reading my lessons, prayers, and quotes. I've only been "live" for 6 months. I can't believe the results.

What are you waiting for? You have one lifetime to use to glorify God. Life is burning away minute by minute.

Look at - it's not much, but it's the BEST thing I've ever accomplished in my life. It wouldn't have been possible without SBI!, who I know for certain was a blessing from the Lord.

Grasp This!

You, me, and all Christians MUST meet our duties to the Great Commission. One way or another, whether through witnessing or supporting those who do witness, the Great Commission MUST be fulfilled.

If you're a real Christian I KNOW you're able, because of your personal gift of the Spirit.

But, are you willing? Willingness comes from your heart. God allows you the freedom to be willing or unwilling to help fulfill his great command.

You CAN become willing. Deep within your soul, way down deep inside you, you're able to decide to truly follow Jesus and evangelize the world.

His Spirit is preparing hearts to hear the gospel. NOW, he is preparing your will to help him spread the gospel.

God bless your decision and your work for Jesus' Great Commission.

Bible Study Questions:

1) Jesus taught a select group of young men over 3 years before sending them off on the Great Commission. Therefore, the model has been set for later disciples to follow. Is anyone rightfully exempt from Jesus' command? Explain your response.

2) Examine a list of spiritual gifts and create ideas how people who possess each one can aid in Jesus' command to disciple the world.

3) List five different means your church is using to "Go forth into ALL the world, making disciples..."

Great Commission Prayer, aka Missionary Prayer:

Dear Lord,
I'm in awe of You. I bow down before You,... and worship You... My heart wants to glorify You, O God. I've been failing. I've been lax in my duty, Lord. Dear Father, please forgive my laziness in fulfilling your command to reach the world with the gospel. The disciples in the Bible had to give up everything. Martyrs throughout history had to give up everything. Great Christians throughout the church age have given up everything. They gave ALL to follow you, in full submission. Why on earth am I any different? Thank You for showing me I am no different than them, O Lord. I'm no worse, no better, no less, no more, no different than any of them. I'm called to follow you, Jesus, and I want to follow you, just like those who have gone on before me. Please, please give me a second opportunity. I'm ashamed... I repent! Show me the way to obey, Dear Jesus. Open my eyes, warm my heart, strengthen my feet. Make my paths straight. Father, empower me with the Spirit. Enliven my spirit to teach disciples around the world about your love and forgiveness. I also want to lift up others to You, Lord. I pray for workers for the harvest. Please raise up a new generation to reach lost souls around the world. Prepare the way, warm hearts, open minds, and open doors. Let's go forth, Church. In Christ's Name, the Name above ALL names, Amen.

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