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Free Bible Study Lessons

History Of Jesus Christ

This free online Bible study series walks a person through the Bible, introducing you to the person of Jesus Christ. The natures of God and Christ are studied, and also Jesus' work in creation and God's plan of redemption.

Series One: History of Jesus Christ

  • Lesson 1.01 Did Jesus Really Exist? John 1:1-14 Topics: Existence Of Jesus
  • Lesson 1.02 Is Jesus God? John 10:22-42 Topics: Deity of Christ
  • Lesson 1.03 Christian Trinity; John 14:15-31 Topics: Trinity
  • Lesson 1.04 Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Acts 2:1-21 Topics: Nature of Father & Spirit
  • Lesson 1.05 Jesus In Heaven; Colossians 1:15-23 Topics: Pre-incarnate Christ
  • Lesson 1.06 Angels In Heaven; Hebrews 1:3-14 Topics: Nature of Angels
  • Lesson 1.07 Creation Of the Earth; Genesis 1:1-25 Topics: Creation
  • Lesson 1.08 God and Adam; Genesis 1:26-2:17 Topics: Creation of Man
  • Lesson 1.09 And God Created Woman; Genesis 2:18-3:24 Topics: Creation of Woman; Fall of Man
  • Lesson 1.10 Satan Cast Out; Job 1:1-2:10 Topics: Nature of the Devil
  • Lesson 1.11 Pride Goeth Before a Fall; James 4:1-17 Topics: Pride of Life
  • Lesson 1.12 Noah's Ark; Genesis 6:1-22 Topics: Total Depravity, Obedience to God
  • Lesson 1.13 Abraham Bible Study; Genesis 15:1-21 Topics: Abraham, Faith
  • Lesson 1.14 Life Of Moses; Exodus 2:11-3:14 Topics: Nation of Israel, Moses, Experiencing God
  • Lesson 1.15 King David Of Israel; 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Topics: Jesus Christ's Kingship
  • Lesson 1.16 Christ In the Old Testament; 1 Chronicles 21 Topics: Pre-existent Christ
  • Lesson 1.17 Fulfilled Prophecy; 2 Peter 2:16-21 Topics: Old Testament Prophecies about Christ
  • Lesson 1.18 When Was Jesus Born? Luke 2:1-40 Topics: Why, How, Where & When of Jesus' Birth
  • Lesson 1.19 The Life Of Jesus Christ; Romans 8:1-17 Topics: Full Humanity of Jesus
  • Lesson 1.20 Jesus' Crucifixion; Acts 2:22-41 Topics: Crucifixion Events of Christ
  • Lesson 1.21 The Death Of Christ; Rom 3:21-31 Topics: Atonement
  • Lesson 1.22 Christ Has Risen! 1 Corinthians 15:12-23 Topics: Resurrection of Christ
  • Lesson 1.23 Ascension Of Jesus; Luke 24:35-53 Topics: 40 Days' Ministry and Ascension of Christ
  • Lesson 1.24 2nd Coming Of Jesus; Mark 13:3-37 Topics: Christ's Return to Earth
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Jesus' Life

This free online Bible study series examines the virgin birth through the return of Jesus Christ. Jesus' relationships are a focus, and how we can learn about our own relationship with God and other people.

Series Two: Jesus' Life

  • Lesson 2.01 Jesus' Birth; Luke 2:1-20 Topics: Virgin Birth of Christ
  • Lesson 2.02 Mary Mother Of Jesus; Luke 1:26-38 Topics: Mary, Salvation
  • Lesson 2.03 The Early Life of Jesus; Luke 2:21-40 Topics: Jesus' Personal Growth
  • Lesson 2.04 Jesus' Family; Jude 1:1-25 Topics: Family Members of Jesus
  • Lesson 2.05 Life Of John the Baptist; Matthew 3:1-17 Topics: John the Baptist, Repentance
  • Lesson 2.06 Jesus' Baptism; John 3:22-36 Topics: Jesus' Baptism, Obedience
  • Lesson 2.07 Jesus' Disciples; Luke 5:1-11 Topics: Disciples of Christ, Obedience
  • Lesson 2.08 Jesus and Satan; Job 1:6-22 Topics: Nature of Satan
  • Lesson 2.09 Temptation Of Christ; Matthew 4:1-11 Topics: Satan's Temptations of Christ
  • Lesson 2.10 Jesus and Nicodemus; John 3:1-21 Topics: Born Again, Salvation
  • Lesson 2.11 Jesus and the Pharisees; Matthew 23:1-39 Topics: Christian Hypocrisy
  • Lesson 2.12 Jesus and the Money Changers; John 2:14-22 Topics: God's Temple
  • Lesson 2.13 Jesus and Mary Magdalene; Luke 8:1-3 Topics: Discipleship
  • Lesson 2.14 Jesus At the Well; John 4:1-30 Topics: Salvation
  • Lesson 2.15 Jesus and the Canaanite Woman; Mark 7:24-30 Topics: Humility
  • Lesson 2.16 Transfiguration Of Jesus; Luke 9:21-36 Topics: God's Glory, Resurrection
  • Lesson 2.17 James Brother Of Jesus; James 2:1-26 Topics: Faith without Works is Dead
  • Lesson 2.18 St Paul the Apostle; Acts 9:1-31 Topics: Life of Devotion
  • Lesson 2.19 Crucifixion Of Jesus; Luke 23:1-25 Topics: Crucifixion, Trusting God
  • Lesson 2.20 Jesus' Death; Luke 23:32-49 Topics: Christ's Death, Forgiveness
  • Lesson 2.21 Jesus' Resurrection; Luke 24:35-49 Topics: God's Word, Evangelism
  • Lesson 2.22 The Ascension Of Jesus; Acts 1:1-11 Topics: Ascension Event
  • Lesson 2.23 Jesus Christ's Return; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 Topics: Christ's Return, Rapture
  • Lesson 2.24 Final Judgement; John 5:22-30 Topic: Final Judgements for believers and unbelievers.

Jesus On The Cross

This free online Bible study series begins at Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem and follows him through his heavenly coronation as King of kings. You'll be challenged by these in-depth studies into the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Series Three: Jesus On The Cross

  • Lesson 3.01 Bible Prophecies Fulfilled; Psalm 22, Isaiah 53 Topics: Prophecies of Crucifixion
  • Lesson 3.02 Meaning Of Palm Sunday; Matthew 21:1-11 Topics: Christ's Kingship
  • Lesson 3.03 Jesus' Last Supper; Mark 14:12-31 Topics: Communion, Humility, Service
  • Lesson 3.04 Jesus Praying In the Garden; Matthew 26:36-46 Topics: Sorrow, Fear, Hell, Prayer
  • Lesson 3.05 Judas' Kiss; Matthew 26:47-56 Topics: Betrayal, Money, Hell
  • Lesson 3.06 Jesus' Arrest; John 18:1-12 Topics: Love Your Enemies
  • Lesson 3.07 Sadducees; John 18:12-28 Topics: Jesus' Trials, Blasphemy
  • Lesson 3.08 Peter Denies Jesus; Mark 14:66-72 Topics: Denial, Repentance
  • Lesson 3.09 Jesus Before Pilate; John 18:28-40 Topics: Absolute Truth
  • Lesson 3.10 Herod Antipas; Luke 23:6-12 Topics: Hedonism
  • Lesson 3.11 Scourging Of Jesus; Matthew 27:27-31 Topics: Scriptural Ignorance
  • Lesson 3.12 Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ; Matthew 27:32-56 Topics: The Cross, Forgiveness
  • Lesson 3.13 Seven Last Words Of Christ; John 19:16-37 Topics: Love Enemies, Hell, etc
  • Lesson 3.14 Jesus' Body; Hebrews 10:1-25 Topics: Christ's Body and Blood, The Church
  • Lesson 3.15 Did Jesus Go To Hell? Matthew 25:31-46 Topics: Hell
  • Lesson 3.16 Jesus' Empty Tomb; Matthew 28:1-15 Topics: Resurrection
  • Lesson 3.17 Jesus Is Risen! Matthew 28:16-20 Topics: Great Commission

Parables Of Jesus

This free online Bible study series digs deep into the parables of Jesus Christ. Jesus' strongest teaching is found in these parables. The lessons are challenging and convicting, so prepare yourself to repent.

Series Four: Parables Of Jesus

  • Lesson 4.01 Bible Parables; Matthew 13:10-17 (Includes: Parable of the Fig Tree)
  • Lesson 4.02 Parables of Jesus Christ; Matthew 21:33-46 (Includes: Parable of the Tenants & Parable of the Wedding Banquet)
  • Lesson 4.03 Parable of the Prodigal Son; Luke 15:11-32
  • Lesson 4.04 Parable of the Lost Sheep; Luke 15:1-10 (also includes: Parable of the Lost Coin)
  • Lesson 4.05 Parable of the Ten Virgins; Matthew 25:1-13
  • Lesson 4.06 Parable of the Sower; Matthew 13:1-23
  • Lesson 4.07 Two Sons Parable; Matthew 21:28-32
  • Lesson 4.08 Parable of the Talents; Matthew 25:14-30
  • Lesson 4.09 Parable of the Good Samaritan; Luke 10:25-37
  • Lesson 4.10 Parable of the Rich Fool; Luke 12:16-21
  • Lesson 4.11 Pharisee and Publican; Luke 18:9-14
  • The next five lessons (4.12 - 4.16) are Jesus' Kingdom Parables (Topic: Kingdom of God)
  • Lesson 4.12 Parable of the Mustard Seed; Matthew 13:18-19
  • Lesson 4.13 Parable of the Pearl; Matthew 13:44-46 (Includes: Parable of the Hidden Treasure)
  • Lesson 4.14 Parable of the Net; Matthew 13:47-50 (Includes: Sheep & Goats)
  • Lesson 4.15 Wheat and Tares; Matthew 13:24-33 (Includes: Sheep & Goats)
  • Lesson 4.16 Parables of the Bible; Matthew 18:21-35 (Includes: Parable Of The Unmerciful Servant & Parable Of The Workers)
  • Lesson 4.17 The True Vine; John 15:1-17 (Includes: Parable of the Fig Tree)

Laws of Jesus Christ

This free online Bible study series digs deep into the laws of Jesus Christ. The Moral Law of God is studied in depth in this series. The lessons are insightful and challenging, so expect to grow closer to God.

Series Five: Laws of Jesus Christ

  • Lesson 5.01 1st Commandment; Exodus 20:3 Topic: Loving God w/ your whole heart.
  • Lesson 5.02 2nd Commandment; Exodus 20:4-6 Topic: Idolatry; Worship.
  • Lesson 5.03 3rd Commandment; Exodus 20:7 Topic: Blasphemy; Swearing.
  • Lesson 5.04 4th Commandment; Exodus 20:8-10 Topic: Sabbath Day; Lord's Day.
  • Lesson 5.05 5th Commandment; Exodus 20:12 Topic: Christian relational behavior.
  • Lesson 5.06 6th Commandment; Exodus 20:13 Topics: Murder; Hatred; Abortion
  • Lesson 5.07 7th Commandment; Exodus 20:14 Topics: Adultery; Sexual Sins
  • Lesson 5.08 8th Commandment; Exodus 20:15 Topics: Coveting; Theft; Giving
  • Lesson 5.09 9th Commandment; Exodus 20:16 Topics: Reality; Truth; Lying; Honesty
  • Lesson 5.10 10th Commandment; Exodus 20:17 Topics: Coveting, Envy, Jealousy
  • Lesson 5.11 What are the Ten Commandments? Deuteronomy 5:1-6; Matt 5:17-18 Law & Gospel
  • Lesson 5.12 Jewish Ten Commandments;  Deuteronomy 4:1-6 Topics: Salvation of Jews
  • Lesson 5.13 613 Commandments; Isaiah 53:1-6 Topics: Jewish Messiah and God's Law
  • Lesson 5.14  Jesus' Commandment; John 13:34-35 Topics: Jesus' New Commandments
  • Lesson 5.15 Catholic Ten Commandments; John 15:9-13 Topics: Obedience and Salvation
  • Lesson 5.16  Ten Commandments for Children; Matthew 22:37-39 Topics: Kid's Law & Gospel.
  • Lesson 5.17  Jesus and the Rich Young Ruler; Mark 10:17-31 Topics: God vs World System; Evangelism
  • Bonus: Free Printable List of the Ten Commandments.

Miracles of Jesus

This in-depth Bible study series focuses on God's power and purposes behind the Miracles of Jesus. Guidance for your reactions and responses to the power of God and the great works of Christ will be covered.

Series Six: Miracles of Jesus Christ

God's Miracles:

  • Lesson 6.01 Miracles from God; Exodus 4:1-5; Topics: God's creative power; awe, wonder, faith.
  • Lesson 6.02 Bible Miracles; Psalm 65:2-8; Topics: God's power, glory, and compassion.
  • Lesson 6.03 Crossing the Red Sea; Exodus 14:13-18; Topics: God's provision, punishment, glory.
  • Lesson 6.04 Jonah and the Whale; Book of Jonah; Topics: God's love, mercy, and patience.

Miracles of Jesus:

  • Lesson 6.05 Jesus' Miracles; John 20:30-31; Topics: Jesus' power and authority.
  • Lesson 6.06 Jesus' First Miracle; John 2:1-12; Topics: God's glory, power, & God's Son.
  • Lesson 6.07 Jesus Feeds 5000; Mark 6:30-44; Topics: Trust the Bread of Life from heaven.
  • Lesson 6.08 Jesus Walks On Water; Matthew 14:22-36; Topics: Perfect faith.
  • Lesson 6.09 Jesus Calms the Storm; Matthew 8:23-27; Topics: God's power & presence; faith.
  • Lesson 6.10 Jesus' Healing; Matthew 15:29-31; Topics: Jesus healing physical handicaps.
  • Lesson 6.11 Jesus Healing the Sick; Matthew 4:23-25; Topics: Jesus healing sickness and disease.
  • Lesson 6.12 Jesus Heals the Blind; John 8:12; Topics: Jesus, Light of the World. Spiritual Blindness.
  • Lesson 6.13 Jesus and Legion Demon; Mark 5:1-20; Topics: Demons; demonic possession.
  • Lesson 6.14 Resurrection of Lazarus; John 11:1-44; Topics: Resurrection of the Dead; New Life.
  • Lesson 6.15 Jesus Healing Shame; Luke 7:36-51; Topics: Guilt; Shame; Forgiveness.

Christian Miracles: 

  • Lesson 6.16 Miracles of Jesus' Apostles; Acts 4:29-31; Topics: Power of God; the early Church.
  • Lesson 6.17 Present Day Miracles; James 5:13-15; Topics: Miracles today? Plus, God's compassion.
  • Bonus: List of Old Testament Bible Miracles and also List of Miracles of Jesus available for download at the end of each individual lesson in this series. 

Kingdom of Heaven

This exhilarating Bible study series reveals important information about the future that God has planned for us. The series is meant to inform and motivate you to live for Christ every day of your life.

Free Online Bible Study Series's free online Bible study lessons are specially designed to increase the knowledge and faith of people desiring to love God and secure his forgiveness. There is a serious shortage of effective discipleship materials on the market, but these lessons fill the gap.

These free online Bible study series contain the necessary knowledge a person needs to make a sound commitment to Jesus Christ. The free Bible study lessons are jam-packed with interesting stories about Jesus and the people and events in his amazing life.

Established Christians can use them for challenging Christian daily devotions. Seekers of God can use the lessons to learn all about God. These free online Bible study lessons collectively cover the history, the life, and the death of Jesus Christ. God tells us to "make disciples" and now YOU have the free tools needed to train others about Jesus Christ. Grab a friend and let's get started!

Free Printable Bible Study Lessons

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