Parables Of Jesus

Bible Study Lessons: Series 4

The parables of Jesus present profound spiritual truths in colorful, graphic language. Many of Jesus' parables are presented here in a series of 17 fascinating FREE online Bible study lessons.

Bible Parables

Jesus taught these Christian parables in order to confuse some people, but enlighten others.

The Parables of Jesus are a delightful way to deliver powerful messages to us from God.

The following list of Bible studies is for you, and you can learn the valuable "hidden" truths of each parable by clicking on its link.

NEW! Many of our Bible Parables have photos and illustrations!

Free Bible Study Lessons: Series 4

Parables Of Jesus: Lessons 4.01 - 4.17

Parables Of Jesus Bible Study Lessons

Each of these parables of Jesus includes at least one great truth of God's Kingdom, and usually many more!

The Christian parables are meant to help make you wise in God's watching eyes.

By listening intently to these parables of Christ and applying the truths to your life, you can become one of his most beloved disciples.

  • Discussion concerning a great truth presented by Jesus Christ
  • Two sets of thought-provoking Bible study questions
  • Grasp This! section for practical application of the material
  • Inspirational Bible verses to support the study
  • Prayers of thanksgiving to respectfully finish the lesson
  • FREE printable Bible study lessons (pdf versions) are linked from the bottom of each lesson.

Ideas for using these Parables of the Bible studies

Use these FREE Bible study lessons for spiritual growth while relaxing in the intimate comforts of your home!

  • Bible study online for married couples desiring intimate fellowship with God.
  • Youth Bible study lessons and College Bible study lessons
  • Adult Bible study lessons for Sunday school teachers and small group leaders.
  • Free Online Bible studies are perfect for Home School Bible curriculum.
  • Kids in public schooling? Use these free Bible studies in the evenings to supplement their education!
  • Pastors! Download these FREE printable Bible study lessons when you need a quick lesson!
  • Start a neighborhood Bible study group! Use the free downloadable Bible study lessons for outreach.
  • Missionaries - Translated online Bible study lessons are perfect for your missions' work!

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Special Note: I'm grateful to Big Book Media & Free Bible Images, Stock Exchange, Morgue Files, and Stock Photos For Free for the use of their photos & illustrations for these Bible Parables study lessons.