About Us

There's nothing I enjoy more than teaching the Bible for clear understanding (Titus 1:9). It's no surprise my life's passion is digging into the Scriptures and building Bible study lessons. 

I view a person's mind as a battlefield where God fights evil (Romans 8:5). The person is in control of providing the ammunition for God, or, for evil. Providing God with ammunition, such as Bible study, prayer and good deeds, strengthens your spiritual life. Providing evil with ammunition, such as sinful, vain things destroys your spiritual life.

It's up to YOU!

You are in control of the weaponry. If God wins the battles, you win the War of Life. If you allow evil to win the battles, you'll lose the War of Life.

I'm here to help you win the war.

Thank you for visiting the site!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Brad Johnson, ADiv, BABS, MAR

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