Bible Miracles

Bible Study Lesson 6.02

Bible Miracles Verses:
You who hear prayer, to you all men will come. Sins overwhelmed me, but you atoned for our transgressions. Blessed is one whom you choose, and cause to come near, that he may live in your courts. We will be filled with the goodness of your house. By awesome deeds of righteousness, you answer us, God of our salvation. You who are the hope of all the ends of the earth, of those who are far away on the sea; Who by his power forms the mountains, having armed yourself with strength; who stills the roaring of the seas, the roaring of their waves, and the turmoil of the nations. They also who dwell in faraway places stand in awe of your miracles. Psalm 65:2-8 NHEB.

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Preliminary Bible Study Questions:
1) Do you believe in miracles?
2) What are some examples of miracles?
3) Are miracles sometimes performed by wicked people?

We consider many things "miracles" don't we?

A new baby is a miracle, a come-from-behind win in a sports game is a miracle, and, even making it home through rough traffic can be a miracle.

We've truly watered down the term miracle.

Let's regain a right perspective of miracles. It will help if we only focus on Bible miracles for the purposes of this lesson. Are you with me? Let's return to reality! Here's a primer for what we're talking about today.

Although a beautiful baby constitutes a "miracle" to us humans, the conception, growth in vivo, as well as the birth itself, are all physically possible by our natural laws. It is normal. So, an adorable baby may seem like a miracle to us, but he or she really isn't a miracle in the strictest sense of the term.

On the other hand, the incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus are miracles, because such things can only be performed by God's power operating in his world. Those activities are unexplainable by our natural laws, and therefore divinely inspired and performed. This study on miracles will be fun, won't it? Let's roll.

Definition of Bible Miracles

What are Bible miracles? Before we define miracle, let's look closer at a very important term for understanding what a miracle is, that being "supernatural." The term supernatural broken down in its Latin roots means "above nature." Supernatural means something is transcendent, or over and above the natural, created realm in which we exist.

Biblical miracles are supernatural, because they originate from God, whose very nature and power is over and above nature. We should probably define the term nature, as well.

"Nature" consists of what humanity collectively knows as the created world governed by all of its physical, mathematical, logical, and natural laws. Therefore, all miracles are God's miracles, originating from him, and performed by his power. Only God can perform miracles, because only God is truly and fully over and above the natural realm.

God alone can both create, and perform miracles, because the creation cannot be greater than its Creator. God is able to "order" his creation to do exactly what he says, without being bound by the parameters with which he originally ordained to govern creation.

Although physical laws in nature limit all things within nature, the Creator can enter the picture, and with his creating power he can easily "suspend" his natural laws momentarily for the purposes of his miraculous activity.

Purposes for Bible Miracles

Purposes for Bible miracles are threefold. First, real, biblical miracles glorify God, who is the source of the sign, wonder, work, or power. Miracles should always point to God, NOT the agent God used to perform the miracle.

Test yourself for a moment... if you were walking down the street and a person performed a real miracle, would you admire the person, or would you adore the God in heaven who provided the power for the miracle?

Second, Bible miracles called "signs" were meant to establish the supernatural basis of the revelation that was being taught. Throughout the Scriptures, miracles happened mostly when advanced revelation was being introduced by God. "Signs" signify that the one true God is behind the new truths being revealed.

Third, Bible miracles occurred to meet human needs. Whether Moses, Elisha, Jesus, or his disciples were performing the miracles of healing, feeding, raising from the dead, etc., it was because of compassion, which originated from God. God desired to relieve the person's health needs because of his compassion.

Examples of Bible Miracles

The Scriptures are full of miracles, so, which do we focus upon for this study? Let's look at a series of Bible miracles that show how God works through different agents.

All of God's creation listens to God's command. Jesus says even inanimate stones would cry out if God told them to sing forth his praises (Luke 19:40). So, we'll start with some miracles of nature.

The first Bible miracle we'll study is the miracle that Korah and his fellow rebellious Levites experienced in the wilderness (Numbers chapter 16). Korah, his 250 male followers, and their families, animals, and possessions were destroyed when God's powerful wrath descended upon them. God ordered the ground to open up and swallow the men and their camps alive.

Falling fire then finished them off. Over 1,000 people were punished with physical death by this natural miracle. God speaks to his creation, whether living or inanimate, and it listens. In this case, the ground heard God's command and it heeded his voice. This is a true Bible miracle which glorifies our powerful God. Its purpose was strictly judgment. Heed his warning.

Next, let's study a Bible miracle that involves birds. Elijah, God's prophet, was miraculously fed by ravens during a divinely imposed drought upon the land (1 Kings 17:6). While those people who lived in the area were left hungry and thirsty, Elijah was taken care of by a flock of birds. The ravens brought him bread and meat every morning and evening. The Bible says God "commanded" the ravens to feed Elijah, and the birds listened to him.

The Jordan River soon dried up, and God furthered the miracle by providing for Elijah through a poor widow. These Bible miracles were performed by God to meet the needs of his chosen prophet. These miracles were provisional miracles.

The third Bible miracle we'll study as an example of miracles performed through animal agents. Balaam was a magician (aka soothsayer, Joshua 13:22), who was called upon by Balak, the king of Moab, to curse the Israelites. Balaam sought the Lord's guidance after the request was delivered, and the Lord told him not to go. Balak insisted, though, so Balaam re-approached the Lord, who told him to go, but not curse the Hebrews.

The Lord was angry that Balaam insisted, so the Angel of the Lord (aka preincarnate Christ) stood in the road unbeknownst to Balaam, but in full view by Balaam's donkey. The donkey's reluctance and inability to pass the Lord enraged Balaam. Balaam began beating the donkey, but then witnessed a surprise. The donkey began to speak! (Numbers 22:28-30).

God miraculously enabled the donkey to discuss the situation with Balaam. The donkey was reasoning with its master. The donkey spoke! After the donkey brought Balaam to his senses, he was primed to listen to the Lord, who told him, "Your ways are perverse before me" (Numbers 22:32). Balaam was commanded to only share with Balak the exact words the Lord told him to speak.

We'll return to Elijah for the fourth Bible miracle because on the heels of the raging drought the Lord decided to perform another amazing miracle, but this time it was through Elijah. The widow who God used to provide for Elijah's food needs had a son who died. She was devastated at her loss and lashed out at Elijah, "What have you done to me?! Have you come here to point out my sins and kill my son?" Elijah asked why God brought death to the boy.

Elijah then lay over the top of the boy three times, crying to the Lord, "O Lord my God, please let this child's life return to him." God responded by raising the child from the dead (1 Kings 17:19-24). The widow responded positively, as all true Christians do. She said, "Now I know for sure that you are a man of God, and that the Lord truly speaks through you." God expects you to believe in this miracle, and respond just as the widow did. Do you have faith?

These examples of Bible miracles reveal that God performs mighty miracles through nature, birds, animals, and people. So, that begs the question, "Since God is sovereign, does he also perform signs, wonders, and works through wicked people?" Let's explore.

Bible Miracles Through Evil Agents

Moses and Pharaoh

Everyone is familiar with God's amazing works he performed through Moses in the events surrounding the Exodus. But, sometimes forgotten are the miracles he performed through Pharaoh's magicians. He gave Satan's evil agents the authority and power to rival Moses' power.

Why would God do such a thing, you ask? Simple, God wanted to harden Pharaoh's heart, so God could eventually provide the means for the Hebrew's Exodus.

God told Moses, "What you arrive back in Egypt, go to Pharaoh and perform all the miracles I have empowered you to do. But I will harden his heart so he will refuse to let the people go" (Exodus 4:21-23). After establishing Aaron as Moses' prophet, God told them, "I will make Pharaoh's heart stubborn so I can multiply my miraculous signs and wonders in the land of Egypt" (Exodus 7:3). God is sovereign but also involved in the world. Let's see how his plan worked out.

Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh to tell him God wanted the Hebrew people set free in order to serve Him. Pharaoh demanded a miracle from them to authenticate their message; therefore, Aaron threw down his staff, which turned into a snake. Pharaoh immediately called upon his sorcerers who performed the same miracle. However, Aaron's snake quickly swallowed up the magicians' snake (Exodus 7:10-13).

Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews serve their Lord.

Then, the Ten Plagues of Egypt series of Bible miracles began. At the beginning of the early plagues, i.e. water to blood and the invasion of frogs, Pharaoh's magicians matched Moses and Aaron's miraculous works. However, starting with the plague of gnats, they could no longer match God's miracles. Pharaoh's heart had already become as cold and hard as stone, so he wouldn't let the Hebrews go and worship their God.

Finally, the 10th and most horrible plague fell upon the Pharaoh and the Egyptians - their first born sons all died. Subsequently, the Pharaoh told them all to go, so, the Hebrews escaped Egypt and never returned. These Bible miracles that were performed through evil agents were all part of God's plan, which fulfilled the plan perfectly.

Job and Satan

Job was a blameless man of great integrity (Job 1:1).

Satan approached the Lord about Job, and offered to challenge Job's true integrity. The Lord knew Job's heart but allowed the test. He empowered Satan to test Job, but with parameters, which were to refrain from first hurting, and then killing Job (Job 1:12; 2:6).

Shortly thereafter, a series of terrible events came upon Job. First, his farmhands were killed and his livestock all stolen. Next, fire from the heavens fell upon his shepherds and sheep, killing them. That was similar to the Bible miracle at Sodom and Gomorrah. Third, More raiders came and killed his servants and stole his camels. Finally, a powerful wind destroyed the house where all ten of his children were eating, killing them all.

Job proved God right when he praised the Lord by knowing that the Lord both gives and takes away (Job 1:20-22).

God gave Satan one last shot at exposing any unbelief in Job (Job 2:3-5). Satan struck Job with boils from head to toe. Again, Job proved God right because he did not sin in his response to the terrible illness (Job 2:7-10). Job suffered horribly both in his heart and his body. He didn't sin, even while being ravaged by these terrible Bible miracles that tested his faith. How would your faith hold up to such an onslaught of supernatural terror?

God's elect will be protected from the miraculous deceptions of the approaching tribulation, "But for the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be shortened. Then if any man tells you, 'Behold, here is the Messiah,' or, 'There he is,' do not believe it. For there will arise false messiahs, and false prophets, and they will show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the chosen ones" (Matthew 24:22-24 NHEB).

Also, the first and second beasts of Revelation will have authority to perform "astounding miracles" in order to deceive the people of the world into worshiping him. Taking his number, in order to buy food for one's terrible hunger, will result in eternal destruction. It will be an unforgiveable sin (Revelation 13:11-18). Refuse and resist the mark of the beast, i.e. 666, with all of your might. God will help you discern and resist IF you trust him.

Miracles and Belief

Bible miracles supersede the known physical laws of the universe, making them "hard to believe." People who have actually met the God of the Bible find it easy to believe in miracles, because they already had the Spirit of God enter their being.

Unbelievers who pick up the Bible and read about Job, Moses, Balaam, and Elijah do not believe the miracles from God. They refuse to believe in the biblical account of these miracles. They will die in their sins.

God performed these Bible miracles for specific purposes, as we've studied, and he examines our belief in them by our responses. What does your heart believe about these miracles?

A true believer in the God of the Bible, i.e. the One True God, believes in the miracles of the Bible. The person's belief, if it true, then devotes his or her life to God as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Jesus tells the story of a man in hell who asked Abraham to send someone to tell his brothers to repent so they could avoid hell. Abraham informed the tormented man, "Moses and prophets have already warned them. Your brothers can read what they wrote." The rich man in hell protested and asked Abraham to send someone from the dead so that they do believe. Again, Abraham responded, "If they won't listen to Moses and the prophets, they won't listen even if someone rises from the dead" (Luke 16:29-31).

As with Pharaoh, a hard-hearted person disbelieves God's power, miracles, and word. A person who disbelieves the Bible has a hard heart, and ultimately disbelieves God (Mark 8:38; Matthew 4:4). A person who disbelieves God is judged and sentenced to suffer terribly in hell for all eternity (John 5:24).

Grasp This!

Fruit of the Spirit Response to Bible Miracles.

The Bible has been written and Revelation 22:18-19 declares that it is sealed, i.e. closed from additional written revelation. All false religions, please take note - your "holy" books are unaccepted and unauthorized by God Almighty. 

We're called to believe every word the Bible says (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We'll be judged by every word written in the Bible. Are you paying attention? (Revelation 22:17).

This isn't saying God doesn't interact with us and perform miracles today. God may certainly work miracles of compassion in our age. It only says that God isn't obligated to perform miracles for the purposes of building a person's faith. He has accomplished that mission through his prophets, Jesus' disciples, and Jesus himself.

We're expected to believe the message of these great men of God, who were called to give us God's word (2 Peter 1:20-21). Have you approached God in repentance and faith, believing in him and the Bible? Do you believe in miracles? Tell him now and experience the greatest miracle, that of the New Birth (John 3:3-8): Sinner's Prayer.

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Bible Miracles Study Questions:
1) Can a person disbelieve in Bible miracles and enter heaven?
2) Will a person who has taken the mark of the beast be able to repent and be saved? (see Revelation 14:9-13).
3) If people need to hear God's word in order to be saved, what should we believers spend our time doing - performing miracles or spreading the good news of the Bible? (see Matthew 28:18-20).

Bible Miracles Bible Verses:
For all this they still sinned, and did not believe in his wondrous works. Therefore he consumed their days in vanity, and their years in terror. When he killed them, then they inquired after him. They returned and sought God earnestly. They remembered that God was their rock, the Most High God, their redeemer. Psalm 78:32-35 NHEB.

God has spoken once; twice I have heard this, that power belongs to God. Also to you, Lord, belongs loving kindness, for you reward every man according to his work. Psalm 62:11-12 NHEB.

"Woe to you, Chorazin! Woe to you, Bethsaida! For if the mighty miracles had been done in Tyre and Sidon which were done in you, they would have repented long ago, sitting in sackcloth and ashes. But it will be more tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the judgment than for you. And you, Capernaum, will you be exalted to heaven? You will be brought down to hell" Luke 10:13-15 NHEB.

Bible Miracles Quotes:
The power of God is like Himself: infinite, eternal, incomprehensible; it can neither be checked, restrained, nor frustrated by the creature. Stephen Charnock.

Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature. St Augustine.

Miracles are those facts which establish the central beliefs of the Hebrew and Christian tradition. Calvin Miller.

Bible Miracles Prayer:
Omnipotent God, our Father in Heaven, I fall before you in wonder. I'm in awe of your great and endless powers. You are the God of Miracles. What created thing would dare not heed your command? O pity us little grasshoppers, Lord. Please help the unbelief that remains in our frail, dark hearts. Have mercy on us, dear Lord. Don't destroy us! Send your Spirit upon us, entering our hearts forever. Jesus, please request for more of us to be saved. We need God's forgiveness! Send us your power so we can help others come to you, repenting of evil and trusting in your perfect life and power. Give us your miracle of new birth, Lord, making us new creatures who love you. In Christ's name, Amen.

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