Blog Or Build?

Have you or a Christian friend considered starting a global e-Ministry? Or, are you planning to start blogging or building a website for your Christian business or ministry? You've come to the perfect place.

Most people think that blogging is the answer for starting their website or spreading the gospel. I thought that very thing, too, not long ago.

I had my favorite blogs that I would visit on a regular basis. They were mostly famous pastors or professional bloggers - you know who they are. I guess I naturally assumed that's what a Christian with a message to share should do - B-L-O-G!

In my thinking, partly developed from past ministry experiences, I thought websites were too expensive to create, host, and maintain. I really didn't think I could afford a nice website.

So, as I began considering going online with the gospel I was confronted with a decision:

To blog or not to blog?

The research began!

There were all kinds of opportunities to start a blog. Some blog programs start you for free. But, after digging further I discovered that it would eventually cost me LOTS more money than initially shown.

I found all kinds of advice about blogging, too. One insisted that I had to write 500-600 words first thing every morning. What?! Yes, he said EVERY morning. Wow! My brain doesn't even click "ON" until 9am after a cappuccino. My goodness.

I also discovered that blogging was "time sensitive," meaning that my articles would only get read for 5-10 days until those posts fell off the first page and also off the search engine charts. Bad news.

I wanted a system that would keep my teaching materials online, because building solid Bible study lessons is HARD WORK!

I didn't want my efforts to be temporary if they don't have to be.

"There must be a more effective way to reach the world," I thought.

A Discovery Sheds Light

Never in my life have I been soooooo right.

A treasure trove of information regarding the subject of blogging vs building came to light one day.

Here's a fascinating video you should take a moment to watch. Included is a most interesting, informative, and comprehensive article detailing the pros and cons of blogging. You'll learn more reading this article than searching the internet all day long. No kidding. Be sure to click on the article link at the end of the video.

I hope you read down to at least the Wordpress vs. SiteBuildIt! comparison chart. That blew my mind.

Blog Or Build?

I've surfed the net and found many blogs. You know... blog after blog after blog. Ugh.


These blogs get no traffic and their sites look, well, bloggish.

This outstanding website building system that I'm introducing to you works for business, ministry, e-commerce - you name it.

SBI! is simple, effective, exciting, and proven for a dozen years through tens of thousands of thriving businesses and ministries.

If you want to blog, then blog from your website like I do - it's called site-blogging. Don't waste your time blogging if that's all you're going to do.


If you're going to enter the online world, that's GREAT!

But... do it the right way. Like this...

Get serious. Build a thriving, traffic-drawing website!

Websites Give Freedom

I have so much freedom with my site. What I mean is that I have control over it, unlike products the other website hosting and blogging companies provide.

Sending website updates and changes through a webmaster is very annoying to administrate.

Can you relate?

Don't ever become a captive to your webmaster's schedule or his lack of knowledge about your business or ministry. SBI trains you to be your own webmaster.

You can be anywhere in this wonderful world and have your website available to update, too. No need to make a long-distance call to your webmaster, waiting days on end for the work to get done.

Grasp This!

SBI! Do The Math

The Lord gives us wisdom when we ask. He enjoys answering the prayers of those who love him, and he will show you the right way to proceed online. Start praying and keep researching.

Research some more and keep praying!

I'm not against blogging, but I'm against blogging failure. Blogging is terrific if done correctly, that is, along with a thriving website built by the BEST company on the internet - Solo Build It!

Contact Me if you'd like to ask any questions - I'll answer as soon as possible.

Thanks for joining me today. God's BEST to YOU!

Special Note: I'm grateful to Big Book Media & Free Bible Images, Stock Exchange, Morgue Files, and Stock Photos For Free for the use of their photos.