Father's Day Prayers

Father's Day prayers and MORE! Father's Day is a special day for an oft-overlooked person, Dad. So I'd like to bless dads by encouraging their kids to honor them. Let's start in God's word.

Bible Verses About Father's Day

Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the LORD your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12

My child, listen when your father corrects you. Proverbs 1:8

My children, listen when your father corrects you. Pay attention and learn good judgment. Proverbs 4:1

A short devotion is also in order for Dad.

Give Dad His Due

God tells us that fathers must be honored, trusted, and feared. Reverence is to be shown to him with your heart, mouth, and hands; that is, in your thoughts, words, and deeds. A father is not merely the author and preserver of your bodily life, but also the founder, guardian, and promoter of your spiritual life.

There are reasons a father should be trusted for sound advice. First, God has placed the father as head of the family - it's the order of creation, which will never change (1 Timothy 2:12b-14). God has created the man mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually to succeed in the role. Men usually mature later than women and therefore experience life in a more difficult fashion. Men learn by personal mistakes, which is the most effective way to learn.

Finally, men tend to be more objective thinkers, consequently reading situations differently, and thusly giving sound advice. Less emotions are involved in understanding and resolving a situation.

Sons and daughters, please pray for your dads. Support them through the good times and bad. No earthly fathers are perfect - not even close. Offer the Lord prayers of thanksgiving when you have a godly father. Love your dad regardless of his earthly position and predicaments. Creatively show your love, so he knows it without doubt - make it an agape type of love, because sometimes men aren't very good at recognizing love, or showing gratitude.

One final word before moving on - forgive your dad for any wrongs he has done. He's probably more sorry for his wrongs than you could ever dream. Just love the man - give Dad his due - he's worthy. God will bless your sweet soul.

Here is a Father's Day Prayer for you to pray with your family. Please tweak or personalize it for your specific situation. Please click here to Share a Prayer of your own.

Father's Day Prayers

Dear Father in Heaven,
Above all, you know the importance of fathers
The love you show Jesus tells us so
The amazing grace towards us also lets us know
Each of us has a father, each of us blessed
We thank you for our earthly fathers, dear Lord.

My dad works so hard, all morning and afternoon
Then Mom hands him a to-do list when he walks in the door:
The car needs oil, the fridge makes a funny noise
The dog has a tick, and there are a couple broken toys.
Dad fixes all our broken things, it seems to make him proud.

My dad teaches us so many things, too.
No matter the question, always a quick answer
Math, Science, or English - doesn't matter,
I think he's actually smarter than my teacher
He's the greatest athlete ever, too
I know because he told me so

My dad knows when to challenge me, but also when to comfort
He wants straight A's from me, but that doesn't always occur
He's sorta rough and kinda tough, but hugs me when I'm down
God gave him thick skin; I think, to protect his soft heart
Yes, Dad is really a big fuzzy teddy bear.

Dads are so wonderful, funny and smart
My dad is even a little handsome (in his own sorta way)
They understand business, politics and even God's word
So impressive are dads
I'm so proud of my dad - he's the BEST in all the world.
Thank you, God, for dads everywhere, but especially for My DAD!
In the name of Jesus.

Prayers for the Fatherless

Many people have never known their father. Some have been abandoned, some having lost their dads to death. There are dads who end up in prison and others who chase their temporal dreams.

The loss of a father in one's life generally leads to a serious unfulfilled void, and many times to emotional and spiritual issues and breakdowns. Our loving heavenly Father hasn't forgotten them, though.

Inspirational Bible Verses
God promises to be the Father of the fatherless (Psalm 68:5)
He promises to be a helper (Psalm 10:14)
He promises to hear their cries (Exodus 22:23)
He defends (Isaiah 10:1-3) and curses those who oppress the fatherless (Deuteronomy 10:18).
Finally, God blesses those souls who minister to orphans (James 1:27).

Let's pray for the fatherless.

Dear Lord God, Please have sympathy on those who have no earthly father. Instill that same godly sympathy within our hearts, motivating us to reach out in love. Every person and every situation is so different, but they are all known by you. Thank you for the love you show to those without dads. You bring peace that passes all understanding to their hearts - you more than adequately meet their needs. Show us how to support the ministries who focus on orphans. In Jesus' name. Amen

Fortunately, there is a perfect Father in Heaven awaiting your call for mercy.

The only thing better than having a dad is having a great Father in Heaven. Love him and you will be eternally blessed. Make certain you meet God Almighty and his Son, Jesus Christ. They are all you will ever need for an eternity - and that's a promise straight from Jesus Christ (John 5:24).

Father's Day Prayer for the World

Dear God, I pray for fathers all around the world, that they come to know you, the perfect Father. An earthly father can't be a godly father unless he has turned to the heavenly Father. The world is slowly but surely ripping away the foundations of the biblical family - fathers are under severe attack. Please meet these dads where they now find themselves in life. Forgive them. Train them in righteousness. Teach them to be godly fathers who love their wives and their children. Teach them to desire a legacy that bears fruit in godly souls and kingdom growth.

Further, Lord, please protect the position of father by leading young men to your throne in repentance and faith - trusting you for eternal life. Grant them life as disciples of Jesus Christ before leading families. Show these young men the reality of who you are, and that your word is our Bible. Also raise up godly young women who desire God-fearing husbands. Dear Father, please have mercy on us all - save the family and bless the earth. Amen

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