Miraculous In Utero Healing

by Jessica S.

I will try to make this incredibly detailed story as short as possible. While pregnant with my first child, after 9 years of infertility, I went into pre-term labor at 29 weeks, 5 days. Upon ultrasound examination, the physician's discovered our precious baby boy had an encephalocele (a sac-like protrusion or projection of the brain and the membranes that cover it through an opening in the skull) at the base of his skull. We were given little hope of his survival and were told of the many surgeries and disabilities our child would have IF he survived. After having several doctors come into my room and give us the same prognosis, an incredible, indescribable peace came over me. I looked this particular physician in the eye and said, "You are a doctor, you do what you know to do, I am a mother, I will do what I know to do but ultimately, God is in control and He has the final say." Two days later, our beautiful baby was born via C-section. After what seemed like an eternity before he began to cry, the neonatologist brought him over to me for me to kiss him before they whisked him off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with my husband in tow. As I laid in recovery by myself, I was not alone. I knew God was with me and whatever the outcome, whether our son lived or died, God WAS in control.

My husband came into recovery with a somber looked. I asked him what was happening and he said the doctor told him our baby was little and needed to learn to breathe and eat on his own but "the other issue resolved itself!"

Today our son is a vibrant, healthy 10 year old boy with 2 younger brothers!

Tell me God is not still in the miracle working business!

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