Christ's New Earth

Bible Study Lesson #8.08

Please read Romans 8:18-25 before beginning Christ's New Earth free Bible study lesson.

Christ's New Earth is coming soon. How do we know this?

Look all around you. Look at the people. Look at the animals. Look at nature. Look up into the night sky. Listen closely and you'll hear everything groaning in pain.

Whether you know it or not, EVERYTHING you see is tainted with The Curse. No one and no single thing has been spared from the consequences of Adam & Eve's original sin.

Nothing is now as it was meant to be by the Creator God of the Holy Bible.

"But," you say, "all these things I see are so amazing! God created everything perfectly and beautifully and it's still incredible! I love people, and animals, and all of nature!"

Honestly, what you're seeing are the effects of the Curse, but you're not grasping how much more beautiful and incredible everything was BEFORE the Fall of Man and the resulting Curse.

God created all things in a "very good" condition (Genesis 1:31). Beginning immediately after the Fall of Man those exact things eventually became "not very good" (Genesis 3:14-19).

The point of today's lesson is this - God promises to return the things we see today back into their "very good" states of being for all of eternity. His redemption means a literal restoration for all of creation.

The Earth, along with its people, animals, and plants, will return to their original forms, with ALL effects of the Curse forever removed (Revelation 22:3). Unbelievably, many of these things will even be improved upon from their original state, most notably our bodies.

God is redeeming ALL of his creation, with an exception, which is those morally responsible beings who denied Him and His Son as the Creator, Lord, and Savior of the world. The angels and people who denied his person, positions, and words will not be redeemed. They'll not inherit or rule over the New Heavens and the New Earth, and in fact, they won't even join us on the New Earth.

Today, we're going to study what the Lord promises to do with the current heavens and earth, as well as the people and animals he loves so much. Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? If so, you've come to the right place! Let's get started.

Consequences of The Curse

God tells us that he created the current heavens and earth and everything in them in six ordinary 24-hour days. And he rested from his exhausting work on the seventh day, enjoying the amazing work of his hands.

He was perfectly pleased with the totality of his awesome creation, calling it "very good" (Genesis 1:31).

Unfortunately, the man and woman he created chose to dishonor God, breaking his command. This one event turned the newly created world upside down. The earth was rocked from its original axis. A slow but steady deterioration of the original goodness, beauty, and truth of creation commenced that day in the Garden of Eden, and it hasn't stopped to this very day.

Look around you at the fallout of sin, of which God cannot be blamed: sickness, disease, injury, life struggles, sinfulness, heartache, pain, depression, drug addiction, drunkenness, foolishness, oppression, wars, fatal storms and natural disasters, and finally, destruction and death everywhere you turn.

We're all moaning and groaning from the effects of this sin (Romans 8:22-23).

God did NOT desire this for humanity, animals, or society in general.

He allowed all these things, true, but only because of the fact that he had to first offer us free will to love and obey him, which Adam & Eve had. In fact, at the Fall of Man, humanity also lost the free will to choose to love him. That's something that can now only be granted by God on a one-on-one basis. He says it's YOUR duty to repent and seek his forgiveness and salvation from the curse that's upon YOU (Mark 1:15).

Soon, based on his Scriptural plan of redemption, God will eliminate all possibility of sin, and all the effects of past sin, once and for all time. In fact, Jesus Christ promises to again make ALL things new! (Revelation 21:5). Let's try to grasp the extent of what he means.

Extent of Christ's Redemption

We all know Christ came to save sinners - that's God's main message to you and me (John 3:16-17). But, does his work during his first visit to earth stop there? Did his crucifixion's purposes end there? Was the redemption of souls all that was meant by his resurrection from death? Hardly.

Christ's death on the cross will redeem so much more than people's souls. His redemption plan also includes the restoration of the heavens and the earth. His redemption will fundamentally bring a "new genesis." Matthew 19:28 finds Jesus telling his disciples, "I assure you that when the world is made new..." Here, the Greek term paligenesia is used, quite literally translated as a "new genesis."

Jesus Christ is going to begin anew, telling us so in Revelation 21:5, "Behold! I am making everything new!" Isn't this exciting?! The heavens will be new, the earth will be new, and everything on the earth will be recreated new, including YOU!

The BEST news, though, is that nothing he re-creates will decay, rot, wear out, break down, or die - everything will be re-created to last forever (1 Peter 1:4).

The Bible refers to eternal heaven as New Earth - that's its official name unless God changes it in the future.

Christ will torch the current earth with holy fire, burning up all things that were products of the Fall of Man and the subsequent Curse (Isaiah 51:6). This happens at the end of his millennial reign, immediately after the judgments (2 Peter 3:10-12; Revelation 20:15-21:1). 

New Earth will be the re-created result of this cataclysmic explosion. New Earth will be cleansed of all sin, decay, pollution, death, and genetic mutations of all life. Nothing will remain on New Earth except what Christ intends, purposing these things for eternity (2 Peter 3:13).

Picture the entire earth being turned into something similar to the Garden of Eden, but even better and much bigger (Ezekiel 36:35). That's what awaits us for our future, eternal home. 

We'll be in resurrected bodies that are fit for eternity (1 Corinthians 15:50); so, logically, we'll need a resurrected earth that's also fit for eternity. God's original intent was that the earth be made for people; and fortunately no devil's sin, no human's sin, or any curse will thwart his purpose.

Christ has the power to re-create, and his revealed will tells us he'll resurrect and re-create not only his people but also the heavens and earth (Revelation 21:1).

To be fair, other respected Bible teachers believe that the heavens and earth will be completely obliterated by a roaring, universal nuclear blast. The cataclysm would destroy all previous matter and then Christ would create a new heavens and earth without using the previous ones. This seems to be what the Bible teaches on a quick, early read-through on the topic (see 2 Peter 3:7-10; Hebrews 1:10-12); however, after further study, Christ's redemption (i.e. re-creating) of the heavens and earth seems to be the answer. Respect should be shown to both opinions regarding this issue. 

Let's talk about our resurrected, spiritual bodies for a moment.

Resurrection Bodies

Each and every person who knows and loves God and his Son will be physically resurrected. Our bodies will be re-created into new bodies that are made to last forever (1 Corinthians 15:42-44).

We'll have flesh and bones, like Jesus had after his resurrection (Luke 24:38-40). We'll appear like we did before we died, but we'll be perfected in every way. All effects of the Curse will be removed. Can you imagine being perfectly pleased with the body God gives you? You most certainly will be pleased and also very thankful.

Our desires will remain, but they'll be protected from sin's influence, and therefore they'll be pure and undefiled. We'll desire only what God created us to desire. We'll desire food and he'll provide. We'll desire a home and he'll provide. We'll desire land and he'll provide. We'll desire friendships and he'll provide. We'll desire to travel and discover the incredible New Heavens and New Earth, and he'll provide the means and time to enjoy his entire new creation.

Our skills and talents will carry over from this life to our eternal life on New Earth. If we had excellent athletic prowess here, we're sure to have even better athletic prowess in Heaven. If we had exceptional mental capacities and training for engineering or architecture here we'll undoubtedly have it there. If we were great singers here, we'll be great singers there. The list goes on and on.

The unfulfilled dreams we had on Earth will be fulfilled on New Earth. Our noble goals that went unmet on Earth will be easily met, and possibly surpassed, on New Earth. Unleash your imagination!

Our bodies either won't be able to be injured or harmed in any way; or, if harmed, we'll have immediate access to a natural healing source. Don't forget that we're promised no pain or tears on New Earth (Revelation 21:4).

God will mercifully heal all of our medical conditions, injuries, and frightful deformations caused by living a very tough, unforgiving life. Our bodies take a beating, don't they? God will fix us and he'll make sure our bodies last forever (Revelation 22:2).

God will also remove all of our sinful thoughts and habits. Spiritually, we'll be re-created to a state of perfection & free will in order to love and honor God during every moment. We'll desire to serve him, we'll be enabled to love him, and we'll remain unhindered in honoring him in every situation.

Now, let's envision life on earth without sin and its effects.

Society on New Earth

Imagine for a moment, a biblically guided moment, of course, life on this planet without sorrow, pain, murder, theft, disease, and death. Imagine life on earth without bloodshed for people AND animals. Imagine life without dangerous lightning bolts, shark attacks, or even bee stings.

Imagine life on earth without any need for ambulances, hospitals, fire trucks, policemen and prisons, or morgues and graveyards. The Lord Jesus' holy fire will disintegrate all these vestiges of the cursed earth (Isaiah 66:15-16).

All national governments with their racial biases and corrupt practices will be deconstructed. Power and wealth seeking politicians, judges, lawyers, and law enforcement agents won't exist.

The national and international militaries we've grown accustomed to would serve no purpose, and will therefore cease to exist. No nation will try to defend their own "best" interests, nor will they try to control another nation or its natural resources.

Jesus Christ will sit on his Throne in the capitol city of New Jerusalem; and those saints he sets over different areas of New Earth will rule the villages and cities and nations. It will be a utopian kingdom ruled by the incorruptible King Jesus Christ and his equally incorruptible saints (Revelation 21:24-26). Maybe you'll be ruling a small town or larger city?

What would a "ruler" do, when there isn't any sin? We'll talk about that in a minute.

Every citizen of New Earth will have perfect liberty to live free from any type of tyranny or criminal encroachment. The revered Constitution of the United States guarantees nothing in comparison to Christ's promises to the citizens of New Earth. True liberty will only be realized by the citizens of Christ's New Earth.

Think about this... There won't be any laws, because there won't be any sin. That's hard to fathom, isn't it? An estimated billion or more people who aren't governed by ANY laws? God is amazing, isn't he?

Everyone will know their own personal land and possessions and will not covet and seek to acquire anyone else's possessions. God will supply each of us far more than what we need, and in fact, we'll be rich (2 Corinthians 8:9). We'll all be perfectly satisfied and eternally content with our own possessions.

God the Father will oversee his Son's New Earth Kingdom, of which we'll be co-heirs with Jesus Christ. Let that sink in a moment... we'll co-reign with Christ over this incredible, eternal Kingdom of Heaven (Psalm 20:7-8; Matthew 5:5). Wow. 

Can you handle another surprise? Members of God's chosen nation, Israel, will inhabit New Jerusalem; while the Gentiles will inhabit New Earth. Shocking, huh? An in-depth study of Revelation 21:24 reveals that "the nations (i.e. Gentiles) will walk (i.e. conduct one's life) in its light and the kings of the world will enter the city in all their glory."

People will travel throughout the universe, but the true Jews will enjoy their residence in the Promised Land of New Jerusalem, while the Gentiles will live among New Earth's nations. The original elect nation of Israel will naturally inherit New Jerusalem. What could possibly be more perfect? 

Let's return to our discussion about those who reign with Christ.

Those who rule will do so in the sense that they'll be more like Prophets who express God's decrees to the nations, cities, and villages. They'll inform the communities about the latest news and events from New Jerusalem. They'll be there for guidance and wisdom, teaching their people about God and the Kingdom. Those humble people who study and practice God's word in this current life will have a great opportunity to rule a special part of either New Jerusalem or New Earth.

That's but a taste of eternal life on Christ's New Earth, which is most definitely our future Heaven.

Rid yourself of the idea that eternal heaven is somewhere up in another universe far removed from this planet Earth. Living eternity in some ethereal place, with a disembodied existence, is a lie from Satan. Who'd want a creepy existence like THAT anyway? Ugh!! Surely not Jesus Christ or any people who truly know him (John 14:1-2).

The over-spiritualization of heaven is an evil ploy and meant to derail our desire to study heaven and be motivated to live for Christ because of what we'll inherit. Don't listen to that New Age junk.

Heaven is where God and his Son are living, and that will soon be in New Jerusalem on the New Earth, where all their loved ones will join them.

Home & Work Life on New Earth

Life on New Earth will find YOU taking care of your parcel of land and home. Family and neighbors will live nearby, all thriving harmoniously together.

Meals will be shared in perfect fellowship. Vacations will be experienced together. Incredible discoveries found on New Earth will be shared with one another on a daily basis. You'll enjoy the familiar people who you knew on Earth, plus you'll become friends with those you didn't know here.

You'll enjoy an incredible garden that's pest-free and weed-free. You'll be sweat-free, too, because physical toil came from the Curse (Genesis 3:17-19), which will be lifted.

The food and drink will be an incredible delight, because the plants will be restored to their original quality, and our taste buds will also be redeemed! We won't have to worry about becoming overweight, either! Thank YOU, Jesus.

You'll also take care of your animals, which will all be domesticated. Animals won't harm one another, nor will they harm you. Sharp teeth won't be needed by these re-created animals. Predatory instincts will be eliminated, as well.

Jesus will re-create all animals to their original beauty and distinct attributes.

You'll take care of a lion as easily as a kitten. You'll take care of a giraffe as easily as a pony. You'll care for a bear as easily as a puppy. You'll work with them, train and teach them, play with them, feed them, and care for them. Maybe the Lord will even resurrect your favorite pets from your lifetime. Wouldn't that be neat?

Fear of harm will disappear from all living things, including you, me, and all our animals. Unlike our current animals, heaven's animals will be gentle and live forever.

Imagine ruling over the animal kingdom with no fear of threats to them or to you. Oh, how exciting life on the New Earth will be!

Another potential job opportunity on New Earth may be the mining of jewels and precious metals. The current earth is full of these things, even though impure, so why wouldn't New Earth be filled with such beauty? In fact, New Earth's gems and metals will be pure because the curse will be history.

We'll be wearing clothing, crowns, and other accessories on New Earth, so, there may be an eternity filled with creating the finest of jewelry to wear. You may want to read some books on jewelry making now, so you'll have a head-start on eternity!

It also appears that we'll be invited to bring the fruits of our labors and the creations of our hands into New Jerusalem (see Revelation 21:24-26). There we'll visit its citizens and worship the Lamb, offering them our gifts of gratitude. 

One more thought about metals - it's hard to imagine there being a currency, because the bartering system seems more appropriate, if needed at all. The possibility also exists that each of us could be enabled by God to be perfectly self-sustaining. 

Whether or not all these thoughts come to pass exactly as written, the possibilities of farming, mining, manufacturing, trading and/or sharing seem to be endless. 

Worship on New Earth

All people who love the Lord also love to worship Him. We'll continue to worship him on New Earth, but with obvious differences (Revelation 22:14).

Worship, of course, includes our entire life's activities, therefore, Christ will be worshiped at all times by all citizens of the New Order. Because of living sin-free, our lives will completely and constantly glorify our Lord and Savior.

There'll be so much to learn about how God worked throughout history, as well. We'll possibly get to travel back in time to experience the epic moments that happened in the 7,000 year history of mankind. We'll at least somehow view it, maybe in some vision, or watch on some type of television. We'll see how the spiritual battles arose, and how God stepped in to maintain his overall plan. Fun thoughts, but remember, studying God and his ways are part of a normal worship experience, so why would it change in Heaven?

Jesus will probably visit us in our villages, too, coming by to dine with us and stay in our homes (John 17:24; Revelation 21:3). He did it on the fallen earth, so why wouldn't he do the same on New Earth? Fascinating thought, huh?

We'll have no time or travel limitations on New Earth, so, there will always be more time for Jesus to visit another town, another village, another family. We'll prepare a meal for him and have an extra room for him and his fellow travelers. Hey, maybe we'll take our turns traveling with him?

As mentioned previously, we'll also go to New Jerusalem to worship our King Jesus.

Trips to see Jesus in New Jerusalem will be full of excitement. We'll travel the Highway of Holiness and come across all sorts of amazing wonders. Maybe we'll travel on foot, or by horseback, or chariot, or even in a car? What about on a Harley?! God only knows!

The traveling itself will be so marvelous. Majestic mountains and sweeping valleys will leave us in awe. Beautiful, crystal-clear streams and lakes will be crossed, or maybe we'll swim through them? Animals of all sorts will walk up to us and want us to scratch their ears, play with them, or feed them something.

New Jerusalem will be seen from our vantage point. It rises 1,343 miles high into the sapphire blue sky, hovering well above the New Earth, and shining like the sun. Unbelievable. The Celestial City will light our way for thousands of miles, beckoning us home to visit our King Jesus.

We'll stay in our own New Jerusalem mansion (or, hotel) while visiting Christ. There, we'll properly prepare to worship him by dressing into our special clothes for the celebration.

Festivals celebrating the Passover and other major events will be full of fun and excitement. Oh, and the angels will also grab our attention as we watch them serve and glorify our King. The worship music will be phenomenal, to say the least. 

When the festivities conclude, our New Jerusalem visit will end and we'll travel back to our villages and homes, back to work and life as normal. We'll be enriched and strengthened until the next journey.

Grasp This!

Many Christians believe heaven will be somewhere far, far away in outer space, deep in the heavens. They think it's too unimaginable to even consider, so they leave thoughts of heaven alone. That's not what God intended for us. No, he gave us his Word which contains enough information about the New Earth and New Heaven to motivate us to live passionately for the Lord.

For example, Acts 3:21 states that Jesus, "must remain in heaven until the time for the final restoration of ALL things." There it is again, blaring passages of Scripture that describe what God plans for our eternal future.

He's redeeming all creation because he let Satan and sin have their day. But, that will soon come to an end. As this study is being written, the Time of Jacob's Trouble (i.e. Great Tribulation) isn't far off, meaning his Second Coming is approaching fast. Satan's New World Order takeover of the planet is in full gear, too, but Christ won't let it happen, or at least won't allow their scheme to be fully realized.

The 1,000 year Millennium will see King Jesus rule from a rebuilt Jerusalem, as the earth repairs from 6,000 years of use and abuse. Then, the judgment, and finally, the restoration of all things.

What are you spending your free time doing these days? Are you living for eternity on New Earth?

Sin becomes a dreadful thought to those wise Christians whose meditations include dwelling on the New Earth. Living for Christ and his coming heavenly kingdom is motivated through a consistent study of heaven. Seriously, after hearing a bit about heaven, how could a soul NOT turn away from sin?

God the Father and his Son have an incredible inheritance coming for those who are saved, living by his Word, and serving other people. First John 3:6 states, "Anyone who continues to live in Christ will not sin. But anyone who keeps on sinning does not know him or understand who he is."

Repent, friends, and live righteously for your Creator, Savior, and Lord. It'll all be worth it in the end. Love one another (1 John 3:11); and live with eager anticipation of the Lord's return - this will make your lives pure (1 John 3:1-3).

Sinner's Prayer

Oh, dear Father and sweet, sweet Jesus. You're creating a world much to incredible for me - so much more than what I deserve. You've graced me with an escape from hell; but, gifting me with a marvelous eternity on the New Earth is too much to comprehend. My mind can barely take it all in, Lord. All of us down here are so unworthy. Why do you do such wonderous things? Why, Lord? Please use the guilt that's building inside of me to motivate me to good works, Lord, which glorify you. More people will come to you, seeking your gift of heaven, if I could only serve you better. Father, I repent of my sins and indifference towards you. I've neglected to fulfill my responsibilities to the Kingdom. Help me care for others and serve you until my final breath. Take hold, dear Lord, and never let me go. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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